Racial Diversity In Digital Research - Leeds

Building a tech sector of excellence for the future of Leeds

Thank you for your interest in the Racial Diversity in Digital – Leeds survey commissioned by WILD, in association with Leeds City Council, University of Leeds, BJSS, Bruntwood SciTech, Crisp, Sky Bet, TPP and conducted by Diverse & Equal.

What is this project?
Leeds is aiming to build a Digital sector that can compete on the world stage. In order to do this, the sector needs to be diverse from the ground up.

The many benefits of full spectrum diversity and inclusion in the workplace will play a crucial role in the profitability, innovation and success of the city.

Why is it important?
Ensuring diversity is built into our products and services is beneficial for society as it ensures that everyone feels seen — and that the products and services that come out of the city are competitive and fit for the global economy.

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